About Us

The Force have all along attached great importance to the issue of youth crime.  Apart from effective law enforcement, the Police adopts a practice, multi-agency and cross-sectoral approach to tackle juvenile delinquencies through prevention and publicity, graduated sanction and rehabilitation programme.  In 2001, the Kowloon West Regional Crime Prevention Office invited a group of community elites to organize themselves into a committee known as “Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee” with a view to fostering a healthy environment for youngsters living, studying or working in Kowloon West Region.  Activities and training have been held under police auspices and sponsored by the Committee.  The Presidents of the Committee are appointed by Kowloon West Regional Commander.

With the engagement of the “Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee”, the overall youth crime rate in Kowloon West continued to drop over the years.  The number of youngsters referred to the Juvenile Protection Section of Kowloon West for supervision through the Police Superintendent’s Discretion Scheme has declined year by year.  There has been a drop in the number of recidivists from 88 in 2001 to 7 in 2016, representing a significant decrease of 93%.

In conclusion, the ‘Kowloon West Youth-Care Committee’ has rendered full support to the Police at different levels over the years in helping young people develop positive values, nurturing a sense of responsibility towards the community and civic-mindedness.